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Who We Are

Lifetime Floors is your trusted flooring contractor in Rebersburg, PA, providing exceptional service to our customers throughout Central Pennsylvania. 
Our Duralast floor coatings are perfect for commercial and residential properties, and most installations can be completed within one day. Whether you need ultimate flooring coverage for a garage, patio, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, warehouse, or retail space, our experienced team can help.
Our floors have a warranty not to chip or peel, and our friendly customer service team is always available to assist you. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work and can't wait to help you transform your space. Contact us for a free estimate!

Why Choose Concrete Coating?

We often hear, “But why should I choose concrete coating? What’s the difference between that and epoxy flooring? Is there even a difference?” 
Yes, there is absolutely a difference. The number one reason we recommend concrete coating instead of epoxy flooring is that our coating is five times more durable. Epoxied floors are nowhere near as effective as Duralast floor coatings, as installed by Lifetime Floors. Additionally, we can guarantee that our coating will not chip or peel after it is applied. No matter what cracks need to be filled, we will do all repairs before applying any coating. Therefore, you know that everything is fixed and ready to go.
By the time we’re done applying the coating, you will be fully convinced that you have a brand-new floor. And, in fact, you do! That’s the power of concrete coating.

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